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The captive insurance market since the 1960s has grown worldwide to include over 7,000 captives – in 1980 there were just 1,000 captives. Originally adopted by Fortune 500 companies as a risk management solution to help reduce the cost of risk, captive insurance strategies have since become increasingly diverse, creative and, in many cases, an indispensable tool for many businesses and organizations, including nonprofits, in the U.S. middle-market sector.

What We Do

Single-Parent Captive/ Pure Captive

A single-parent captive or pure captive is owned by one parent company and insures the parent company and affiliates.

Group Captive

A group captive is an insurance company owned by a group of businesses

Protected Cell Captive

A business self-insurers by owning a portion of shares to form a cell.

Our Team

In any business, you need a team you can trust. Caitlin-Morgan Captive Management has put together a team of experts ready to answer your questions.

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Why Choose a captive

Over the past 20 years captive has become a leading insurance solution among business owners. With tailored coverage and control of costs and investments captives have become the best choice for insurance coverage.

  • Tailored coverage
  • Control over claims
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Smaller deductibles
  • Investment income

Captive Insights

Captives are a great option for businesses that want to control premiums and have the flexibility to control their own coverage. Caitlin Morgan Captive Management is the leading captive management agency. Click the video below to find out what else we can offer you.


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